Baseworks is a movement approach that helps anyone better feel and understand the body while developing strength, flexibility, and better control over one’s movements.

The Baseworks movement vocabulary can be utilized for a wide range of movement applications, both from the perspective of a practitioner as well as a teacher, practicing/teaching other disciplines.

As a first step, Baseworks certified teachers are trained in the Baseworks Teaching Methodology.

The teaching method has a framework for the structure, frequency, attitude, and modification of the practice to match an individual level of physical and perceptual abilities, variable conditions and personal objectives.

In order to ensure a consistent learning experience, all Baseworks Practice modules are taught in the same teaching method and structure.

Baseworks certified teachers uphold the standards as well as partake in continuing education to align with the global system upgrades.

Certified teachers are also involved in the evolution of the method and contribute through a forum of idea submissions for review, discussions, vetting and final global upgrade implementations. 

The awards clarify all teachers adherence to the method.  The education and qualification framework has been designed to be fair and sustainable, measured by any teachers’ level of commitment. 

If you are interested in studying under any of our graduates, please first reference below for the details of certification framework.


  • This accreditation confirms that a person has studied the Baseworks preliminary teaching methodology.
  • Graduates can leverage what they learned at this level to compliment whatever they are interested in teaching however they like. (i.e. fitness training, yoga, martial arts etc..)
  • Any reference to Baseworks would be highlighted in any BTM teachers’ teachings as “Baseworks Inspired”
  • This certifies that a person can teach at the FOUNDATION module as a BFC certified teacher. 
  • At this tier, teachers understand the basic movement dynamics, and can support students to build proficiency at an introductory stage. 
  • This certifies that a person can teach at the FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS modules as a BT1 certified teacher. 
  • At this tier, teachers have built a substantial understanding of the movement principles and how to guide students to build an even stronger platform to further develop skills. 
  • This certifies that a person can teach at the FOUNDATION, ELEMENTS and STRATEGY modules as a BT2 certified teacher.
  • A tier 2 teacher has developed a detailed view of progress based on individual condition to promote the benefits of cyclical practice toward personal gains. 
  • BT2 certification prepares one to teach Baseworks Teaching Methodology in the form of courses and workshops, structured around the public class model.
  • This certifies that a person can teach at the FOUNDATION, ELEMENTS, STRATEGY and INTEGRATE modules as a BT3 certified teacher. 
  • These teachers work with students to functionally apply all the learning  prerequisites to approach more complex and adaptive practice applications. 
  • BT3 certification prepares one to teach the Baseworks Teaching Methodology in the form of courses, workshops, and conduct specialized training and apprenticeship programs.


  • Teachers who hold the Baseworks Teaching Methodology Accreditation (BTM) are not certified Baseworks Practice Teachers.
  • All Baseworks certifications require certified teachers to periodically enroll in continuing education programs to maintain and upgrade their knowledge base and skills.
  • Any teacher’s current teaching awards are accurately reflected on our international teachers directory.
  • The Baseworks administration encourages anyone seeking to practice with and/or hire any Baseworks teacher, to carefully assess the certification level and corresponding personal abilities of any teacher according to what has been outlined on this page.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in relation to the Baseworks Teaching Awards.