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Photo of Satoko Horie demonstrating a baseworks form with her hands and feet on the gorund and her pelvis lifted in the air.
2022/11/16 , 20:30 ~22:00
In this VS, we will pick up different forms/movements with differing Base of Support and look into how Baseworks utilizes the contact with the Base of Support to enhance stability and contribute to building strength......
2022/11/09 , 12:00 ~13:30
This VS will focus on the Baseworks Distributed Activation principle for how to holistically approach strength-specific fitness goals......
2022/10/19 , 12:00 ~13:30
This VS utilizes the Baseworks Sense, Control, Adapt framework to explore the idea of looking at the reality of ever-changing physical and environmental circumstances, the concept of struggle, and the cultivation of perception as integral components of physical development......
2022/10/12 , 20:00 ~21:30
In this VS, we will bring awareness to how the gravitational force works on us and how to best move in relation to it. We will start by selecting specific forms/movements that work in relation to different gravitational pulls to familiarize ourselves with this idea. Based on this, we will.....
2022/10/05 , 12:00 ~13:30
In Linguistics, inflection is a change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function (such as gender, number, person, or tense). In this VS, we will break down the INFLECT syntax to better.........
2022/09/21 , 12:00 ~13:30
This VS will cover some of the more refined practice applications that relate to developing a compounded understanding of the movement tasks and how they directly affect sustaining and informing the outcome......
2022/09/14 , 20:00 ~21:30
In this VS, we will break down the concept of gridlines in Baseworks and break down forms/movements by seeing aspects of Symmetry as well as Asymmetry in each form/movement.....
2022/09/07 , 12:00 ~13:30
In this VS, we will first look at the “movement goal preconceptions” that we hold about daily movements. We will also discuss how these preconceptions may set us up for chronic injuries or prevent effective relearning......
2022/08/24 , 12:00 ~13:30
This VS will focus on the Baseworks Ignition and Assimilation practices to prime and assess the finer qualities of the experience......