Patrick Oancia demonstrating a Baseworks form from a back view. He has hims arms interconnected and he is leaning backward.

This VS will focus on how we sense the body’s position in space utilizing the Baseworks gridlines and Symmetry principles.


asia shcherbakova on her back on the floor demonstrating a baseworks movement specific task

Knowing the terms describing the method’s movement vocabulary is essential to understand the instructions. This VS introduces Baseworks-specific terms to describe Baseworks movements.

drawing of a piano keybpoard wioth the names of muscles on each key.

It’s a misconception that the motor cortex controls muscles like a keyboard. But in Baseworks practice, we are trying to use it more like a keyboard, making motor learning easier.

このVSでは、異なる支持基底をもつ様々なフォルム/動きを取り上げ、Baseworksが支持基底と接している特定の体の部位を用いて安定性を高め、強度を育むことに どう貢献していくかをみていきます。

illustration of a muscle man flexing his muscles

This VS will focus on the Baseworks Distributed Activation principle for how to holistically approach strength-specific fitness goals.

Drawing of a martial artist practicing kung fu in a lunging form

This VS utilizes the Baseworks Sense, Control, Adapt framework to explore the idea of looking at the reality of ever-changing physical and environmental circumstances, the concept of struggle, and the cultivation of perception as integral components of physical development.


Woman from an aerial view flexing her spine in a standing postion.

In Linguistics, inflection is a change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function (such as gender, number, person, or tense). In this VS, we will break down the INFLECT syntax to better….

Patrick Oancia standing with his arms extended to the sie as he instructs movement related to the Baseworks Method

This VS will cover some of the more refined practice applications that relate to developing a compounded understanding of the movement tasks and how they directly affect sustaining and informing the outcome.