Last updated: September 21, 2023

Participation Guidelines/Cancelation Policy/Support/Waiver

Your choice to participate in our events or subscribe to our online virtual and subscription based products supports a paramount aspect of our educational development, and we are honored to be able to work with you on developing your learning trajectories.

To ensure a positive experience for everyone and to clarify details about our policy and waiver, please take a moment to thoroughly review all the information on this page before purchasing any of our events or educational products.


  • The purchase of any event, either in person or virtual, is non-refundable. However, should you be unable to attend an event, you have the option to designate a substitute attendee in your place. To facilitate this, kindly notify us by sending an email in advance.
  • On occasion, if we do not have the desired number of participants for any event, we may decide to cancel or reschedule the event 4 weeks prior to the event date. In this case, all participants will have a choice to either receive a refund in full or allocate their booking to the decided future re-scheduled event.

In-person  and virtual participation considerations/guidelines:

  • Event Punctuality: We kindly ask you to join us at least 20 minutes before the start time of our events to ensure a smooth beginning.
  • Open-Minded Attitude: While our topics can challenge conventional thinking in the health, medical, and science fields, we’re not here to convince you that our education is the be-all and end-all. Feel free to embrace a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude to make the most of your experience. With this in mind, we also invite you to temporarily put aside strong opinions and approach our events with an open and inquisitive mindset
  • Engage Openly: While discussions are encouraged, we kindly ask that you treat all instructors and fellow participants with maturity, respect, and courtesy. 
  • Feedback and Communication: We place a high value on diverse perspectives and welcome correction suggestions and feedback from participants. To ensure that our events run smoothly and stay on schedule, we encourage you to share your thoughts after each event using the designated forums on our practice platform or through the website’s contact form. Your input is of great importance to us.

Pandemics/natural disasters

If you are unable to attend the workshop due to developments in the spread of COVID-19, future pandemics of any kind, or natural disasters, we offer refunds in the following scenarios:

  • If government mandates or measures impose the cancellation of the scheduled event.
  • If you are unable to travel to the country where the workshop is taking place due to flight restrictions.
  • If there is a ban on flights from your country of departure to the workshop’s country or if the workshop’s country is not allowing incoming flights from your country of departure during the workshop.

Health Issues, Family Emergencies, or Political Constraints

If you find yourself unable to attend the workshop due to a serious medical condition, an urgent family matter, or political restrictions in your country, kindly reach out to us via email to explain your situation. We will make every effort to accommodate your request for a refund or explore the option of transferring your purchase to a future event.

Special considerations

As a social enterprise, we strive to provide our educational offerings to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. If you can’t afford our events, we offer scholarships. Email us for details.

Please be aware that we will be photographing and recording video and audio footage during most of our workshops for potential use in promoting future workshops and editorial content. If you prefer not to be featured in any of these materials, please indicate your preference at the time of booking your workshop by including the following statement in the ‘order notes’ section: “I do not want to be included in any of your editorial or promotional content.”

Workshop locations may be subject to change, and participants will receive prompt notification in the event of any such changes.

Participation Waiver

By participating in any Baseworks events, classes, or workshops, whether offline or online, you acknowledge that these activities may involve physical movements. As is the case with any physical activity, there is always a risk of injury, including serious or disabling injuries, which cannot be entirely eliminated.

Furthermore, by participating in any Baseworks events, classes, or workshops, you affirm that if you do have any medical condition that may worsen from your participation, you assume full responsibility for any risks or injuries you may experience as a result of your involvement.

In the event of pain or discomfort during your participation, you are responsible for assessing your physical condition, informing the facilitator, adjusting the intensity of your activities, or discontinuing your participation as needed. 

By completing your booking and payment for any Baseworks event (virtual or in-person) or subscription products online, you hereby agree to release and waive any existing or future claims against Baseworks administration.

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