Movement is an essential element of the human experience. Almost everything we do is a movement. Walking, running, writing, typing, eating, looking, hugging — even breathing.

On top of that, any self-expression — from speaking — to dancing and body language — are all movements.

Some scientists go as far as to suggest that the sole purpose of us having a brain at all is to have precise control of movement.

Some people move better than others. Some people can feel their bodies better than others. But for anyone, it is always possible to improve their ability to move, sense and understand their body.

To move the body gracefully and efficiently you must first be able to sense the body, at a very high resolution. Then you need to train to precisely control the movement.

Baseworks Practice helps anyone better feel and understand the body while developing strength, flexibility, and better control over one’s movements.

The BASEWORKS movement approach is structured around a set of muscle co-activation patterns. We apply them consistently across different movements in such a way that almost every part of the body is continuously active.

We perform the movements slowly, using the principle of distributed activation in combination with constant micro-movements. The Baseworks approach promotes better interoceptive, proprioceptive and spatial awareness.

It enhances a deeper understanding of the body and how to move it safely and efficiently, without excessive stress. It consolidates developing strength, flexibility, motor control and builds a solid movement vocabulary.

The Baseworks movement vocabulary is designed to support adaptive learning. It can be utilized for a wide range of movement applications and possibly even extending into better performance in certain mental tasks and improved psycho-physiological regulation.

What Baseworks feels like

Entire Body Activation

Systematic Patterned Movements

Slow, Efficient & Safe

Calm, Stable Awareness

Baseworks muscle co-activation patterns are designed to:

Increase three types of body awareness

Stabilize/protect the joints and the spine

Functionally connect & separate different parts of the body

Understand how muscles work together