Choice and Performance
Feb 06, 2020
Life emanates the concept of cyclicity. We are like the seasons, constantly in flux, experiencing subtle differences, every single moment. >>
Jan 02, 2020
I see more and more people these days who jump from one thing to another without giving anything a more augmented try. It's no surprise, given the plethora of choices and limited time. The irony is the more sensational or readily appealing and available something is, the faster people tend to both go for it, and before long, opt-out..... >>
Are you feeling an empty unfulfilment somewhere deep inside? Why not explore new areas that connect with what invigorates you and makes you feel alive. >>
Find creative ways in bringing movement into your life by starting one step at a time. Moving the body not only transforms our physical condition, but also our state of mind for a more mindful awareness in our lives, that in turn enhance our overall productivity, creativity and wellbeing. >>

Upcoming Events

Feb 22, 2020
Weekend Workshop: February 22 & 23 Saturday 10:00-12:00 & Sunday 15:00-17:00 Some people move better than others. Some people can ... more
Mar 07, 2020
The Baseworks Practice Foundation module offers an excellent platform to develop strength, flexibility, motor control and contributes to increased... more
Satoko Horie: Teaching Baseworks Method in Tokyo
Mar 14, 2020
This information session is an introduction to the Baseworks Method. All are welcome to join, regardless of any background in any movement/physical... more
Mar 15, 2020
Baseworks Practice helps anyone to better feel and understand the body while building strength, flexibility, control over one’s movements. The... more