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acupuncture model with needles in the meridians.
How one approaches a practice is a key to building a self-sufficient fallback tool to reset across any circumstance. The secret is to re-discover and develop the ability to tune in to what is appropriate across the randomness of life. >>
Drawing to me feels like measuring my body temperature. It is a process of sensing my present state, using a thermometer-like tool to probe and extract whatever comes out of it. >>

Although we are obviously consciously aware of the position of our body parts in space, it is often assumed that >>

Behavior change is subtle, sometimes not even visible. Yet the day-to-day action one takes is what evolves us to be who we are into the future, and what we do here and now is what directs the shift in direction. >>
Feb 06, 2020
Life emanates the concept of cyclicity. We are like the seasons, constantly in flux, experiencing subtle differences, every single moment. >>

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Woman from an aerial view flexing her spine in a standing position.
Oct 05, 2022
In Linguistics, inflection is a change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function (such as gender, number, person,... more
Satoko Horie doing a side plank
Oct 12, 2022
In this VS, we will bring awareness to how the gravitational force works on us and how to best move in relation to it. We will start by selecting... more
Oct 19, 2022
This VS utilizes the Baseworks Sense, Control, Adapt framework to explore the idea of looking at the reality of ever-changing physical and... more