The way you think about movement changes the way you move.

The Baseworks mission is to promote physical and decision-making autonomy as well as a sense of personal responsibility for individual and societal health & well-being. 


Baseworks is a unique training approach that helps anyone to develop better body awareness, control over movement, and self-regulation skills, while building strength and flexibility without pain, injuries, and overexertion. 

We believe that you are often the best person to help yourself, since no one knows you better than you do.

What we offer in our educational programs are simple tools, developed in experimentation with diverse learners and backed by science and practical life-focused goals.

This supports: 

  • Becoming more aware, more productive, and more in control of what you do
  • Becoming more physically strong, agile and adaptable with faster physical recovery
  • Becoming healthier, more content, with better sustained energy levels

Baseworks sits in a niche that is distinct from established health-focused modalities

Baseworks is neither a fitness program nor a mindfulness practice, but it can enhance both. It is an educational framework designed to help individuals cultivate Physical Intelligence.


Custom Program


  • Practical result-oriented introductory workshops
  • Multi-day trainings and intensives along with lectures
  • Introductory or extensive lectures in neuroscience, physiology, and philosophy

*All our programs are customized to align with the needs, interests, and physical abilities of the participants.


We provide surveys before the event to understand the needs and expectations of the audience. This preparation optimizes the way we present and deliver our material.



  • After all events, we provide ongoing education through our online platform.
  • We also offer personalized subsequent specialized programs.

*While immediate outcomes are often evident, our follow-up programs help in broader application of our materials to support the targeted goals.

What people learn

Here are some comments from people who participated in Baseworks educational programs.

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