The mission of Baseworks is to promote physical and decision-making autonomy as well as the sense of personal responsibility for personal and societal health and wellbeing.

Our domain

Our cornerstone product is the Baseworks Method

We offer various aspects of the Method as educational services in various formats tailored to the needs of various groups of people. In addition to physical movement as a medium, we also offer theoretical knowledge and conceptual frameworks since one of the keystones of our approach is that the way you think about movement changes the way you move.

Our educational niche is adjacent to but distinctly different from the gains-oriented sports/fitness industry and relaxation/stress-reduction/self-help/life-coaching/mindfulness-oriented domains of the health & wellness industry. Establishing this niche requires the development of new categories and vocabulary that simply do not yet exist across the health/fitness/wellness/popular science sectors. 

We believe this niche is key to solving many large-scale societal and medical issues. 


The mission of the Baseworks Method is to help individuals learn to understand, control, and respect their own bodies and develop foundational physical and perceptual skills for easier learning and improved quality of moment-to-moment experience in day-to-day life.


We believe that Community is absolutely essential for the psychological, mental, and physical well-being of every individual. People who train with us report that the Baseworks Method positively impacts their interpersonal relationships. We strive to organize our activities in ways that foster meaningful interactions, promoting mutual reciprocity among people of all ages and backgrounds.


Our general Research & Development objectives is to clarify the role of physical practice and physical movement in [what is generally viewed as] non-motor processes, such as attention, memory, decision-making, perception, awareness, sensory discrimination, emotional regulation, interpersonal relationships.

Statement on equality and fair treatment

At Baseworks, we are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone is accepted and respected, regardless of their backgrounds and characteristics, including but not limited to previous life experiences, sexual orientation, race, creed, gender identity, gender expression, gender neutrality, age, or physical abilities.

We recognize that each person is on their own unique educational journey, and we uphold the principles of fairness, valuing individual capabilities, and fostering a shared consideration of the unique differences in beliefs and cultures.

Our commitment to treating everyone with equality extends to maintaining a neutral stance on matters related to identity politics, personal beliefs and cultural & religious values. We believe that embracing individuality and promoting mutual respect are integral to the success of our collective endeavors.