Asia Shcherbakova

Research Associate
Certifications: Tier 2
Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

BASEWORKS Practice Research Associate | BASEWORKS Practice Certified Teacher | BT2 | MSc. Human Genetics | PhD in Biotechnology | Anatomy and Physiology, Diet and Nutrition TT Residential Faculty | Curriculum Design

Asia is a BASEWORKS Practice Tier 2 Certified Teacher (BT2). She holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology. She has been researching the effect of stress on DNA, learning, and inflammation. She has also worked in bacterial physiology. Having suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy, Asia succeeded in eliminating all medication through diet and movement practices. She is now focusing on mechanisms underlying brain health and disorders, and working on approaches to help others to regain their health. As a BASEWORKS Practice practitioner, she is deeply interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms behind all the practice related experiences.


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