Physical Intelligence (PQ) is the ability to intuitively understand the body, be comfortable with it, read its sensory signals, know how to engage muscles, effortlessly maintain good posture and learn new movement skills.

It can be seen as another counterpart in the Cognitive intelligence (IQ) vs Emotional intelligence (EQ) framework. Importantly, it distinguishes itself from Gardner’s Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence and the various iterations of Physical Literacy that we are familiar with.

Physical Intelligence is an important concept in Baseworks because we consider it as one of the primary modalities that can be trained via the Baseworks Method.

Baseworks – your guide to Physical Intelligence

Someone with low PQ may lack coordination, feel disconnected from their body, or have limited body awareness. They often experience discomfort and dissatisfaction with their physicality and face challenges in mainstream exercise or movement classes, which can demotivate them from continuing.

The Baseworks Method focuses on raising individuals’ awareness of their unique physical, psychological, sensory, and cognitive limitations. It guides them through a systematic process of working around these constraints. By disrupting automatic motor patterns and redefining movement goals, the method enhances your understanding of the unconscious signals your brain sends to your muscles.

Baseworks image with 2 human bodies drawn on a grid to depict the Baseworks slogan of "Sense-Control-Adapt" in relation to the Physical Intelligence concept.