acupuncture model with needles in the meridians.

How one approaches a practice is a key to building a self-sufficient fallback tool to reset across any circumstance. The secret is to re-discover and develop the ability to tune in to what is appropriate across the randomness of life.

Drawing to me feels like measuring my body temperature. It is a process of sensing my present state, using a thermometer-like tool to probe and extract whatever comes out of it.

Behavior change is subtle, sometimes not even visible. Yet the day-to-day action one takes is what evolves us to be who we are into the future, and what we do here and now is what directs the shift in direction.

photo of matan levkowich smiling

This is the companion Reflection Transmission for the conversation we had with Matan Levkowich. This reflection highlights the relevance of sharing, ethics, and the intention that goes into a practice or pursuit of life goals.

Photo Of Matan Levkowich Smiling

In this transmission conversation we chat about Matan’s dedication to–and brief hiatus from, his podcast– ethics in leading, life in the Israel army, and thereafter transitioning from a dedicated meditation practitioner living in celibacy…..

Are you feeling an empty unfulfilment somewhere deep inside? Why not explore new areas that connect with what invigorates you and makes you feel alive.

Find creative ways in bringing movement into your life by starting one step at a time. Moving the body not only transforms our physical condition, but also our state of mind for a more mindful awareness in our lives, that in turn enhance our overall productivity, creativity and wellbeing.