Baseworks —
Your Guide to Physical Intelligence

Our innovative approach to physical training provides you with the tools needed to effectively manage your health in a way that’s unique to you.

We guide learners in cultivating foundational physical and perceptual skills, simplifying learning, and enhancing the quality of daily life.

The Method: How it Works

In order to make informed decisions, we rely on information. However, when it comes to our bodies, conscious access to crucial sensory information is often limited. This is where the Baseworks Method comes in. It trains the brain to become more consciously aware of the sensory information coming from the body. You’ll improve your awareness and understanding of how to move, and your ability to control any type of movement better.

Baseworks Movement Principles

In Baseworks, you'll train in the principles of Distributed Activation, Micromovements, Gridlines & Symmetry, Fixing-Separating-Isolating, and Intensity Modification.

Fundamental Movement Vocabulary

Over time, you'll break down complex automatic movements into smaller building blocks that you can understand and consciously control.

Adaptive Algorithm for Anyone

The Baseworks Method provides a logical approach for performing any movement in a way that suits your unique condition. It achieves this in a safe, scalable and sustainable way.

Designed for Neuroplasticity

Movement practices activate neuroplasticity only under specific conditions. Using the Baseworks Method, you can increase your sensitivity to sensory signals and set clear spatial targets, offering a learning experience instead of defaulting to your usual daily movements.

Attainable Results

photo of satoko horie demonstrating the baseworks movement principles with a student during a workshop in a large room in a mosaic of hexagons

Attainable Results

In Baseworks, conventional fitness benefits, such as strength, flexibility, and stress reduction are only by-products of the practice. Our main focus is on developing your competencies to sense, to control, and to adapt.

This self-nurturing, mindful, and personalized approach puts you into a more focused and relaxed state, and leads to a wide range of physical and cognitive benefits:


Build strength, mobility, and balance, effortlessly maintain good posture and learn new movement skills.


Improve sleep, stress management, overall health, concentration, motivation, and much more!

Idea Sharing, Research, and Collaboration

We believe that specific movement practices, combined with dedication, result in emergent outcomes that extend beyond the immediate physical or mental benefits. We explore these topics across our different media outlets.

Explore our blog for insights on how Baseworks ties to other physical practices, science, wellness, and education.

Check out our press, media coverage, and collaborations to learn more about the Baseworks Method’s mission and developments.

Baseworks Transmission episodes explore realizations emerging from commitment to practice and pursuits to achieve life goals. The show aims to establish a common vocabulary to better describe these experiences.

The Practice

Start your experience in the Baseworks Method on our practice platform

Different to that of a standard online fitness app—it’s a means to hone your physical and perceptual skills applicable everywhere. It includes a growing repository of specialized practice materials and educational content to help you enhance your body awareness.

To help get you started on the right track, we offer a personalized orientation consultation and ongoing tailored support.

The Practice

Start your experience in the Baseworks Method on our practice platform

Upcoming Events

Our event topics cater to everyone from fitness novices to enthusiasts, athletes, educators, healthcare professionals, and individuals pursuing personal and professional development. Engage, learn, connect, and discover ideas and techniques unique to our method on physical training, health and well-being. 

Key Insights & Concepts

The way we think about movement changes the way we move

To really understand your unique movement habits, it’s important to pay close attention to the relevant parts of the experience and fully comprehend each task at hand. These resources will guide you toward the components we believe are crucial both in our approach and for better learning, health, and well-being.

Baseworks Principles

The Baseworks Method disrupts automatic movement and thinking patterns by applying its unique principles to any movement.

3 Types of Body Awareness

In Baseworks, we focus on developing the 3 types of body awareness.

Physical Intelligence

Physical Intelligence (PQ) is the primary modality that we train in Baseworks. PQ refers to the intuitive understanding of and comfort with one's body. This includes interpreting sensory signals, maintaining good posture, employing muscles, and learning new movements.


Originating in Japan and backed by neuroscience, Baseworks supports anyone to improve body awareness through its adaptable approach.

Learning Movement

Baseworks promotes stress-free movement, consolidating mobility, strength, flexibility, and motor control.

What people say about Baseworks

Here are some firsthand accounts from people who have benefited from Baseworks, both in-person and online. They share their personal journeys, highlighting the changes they’ve noticed and the ways Baseworks has enhanced their performance and overall well-being.