Baseworks is a movement approach that helps anyone better feel and understand the body while developing strength, flexibility, and better control over one’s movements.


An intelligent approach to good health starts with understanding how personal circumstance influences outcome. The Baseworks Method focuses first on how to develop skills around your unique story. 


Our events directory highlights Baseworks events along with other relevant ones we showcase from our inspiring collaborators. Select an event type, location and timeframe to generate upcoming events. Or take a look into the archive to see what we have been up to over the years.

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Baseworks Practice Platform

With decades of teaching experience and a thorough understanding of how sensorimotor learning works, the Baseworks Practice Platform provides a structured approach to practicing the Method. This platform not only monitors your progress but also offers supplementary materials to support your development. You’ll directly experience the physical and perceptual changes that emerge at the different stages of the practice.


Our blog serves as a platform for us to share our insights and delve further into various aspects of the method. It provides an avenue for us to connect with our community and open discussions about our shared experiences and knowledge.


Baseworks Transmission episodes in various formats look at both the concrete and abstract realizations that emerge from a commitment to any kind of practice or pursuit to achieve life goals. The goal is to establish a common vocabulary to describe these experiences and to explore a range of correlations across multiple domains.