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Satoko Horie teaching a BAseworks session in Tokyo to a room full of students.
2022/04/20 , 08:00 ~09:30
2022/02/28 , 16:23 ~16:23
In this VS, we will breakdown 2 strategies of how we can improve stability and movement control......
2022/02/16 , 16:23 ~21:30
In this VS, we examine how to become sensitive to the unique condition your body is in and how to apply the Baseworks Form and Practice Intensity variations to fit the reality on any day. .....
2022/02/12 , 16:23 ~16:23
In this VS, we breakdown the flexion-extension-flexion movement of the spine to improve one's ability to sense and control the movement of the spine. .....
2020/08/29 , 09:00 ~11:00
Strategy Master Class highlights the qualities of the Baseworks Practice postural merging concept. The regulation of effort to transfer from one movement form to the next movement form provides a clear pathway to increasing complexity, while keeping gains safe and sustainable......