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Photo of Satoko Horie demonstrating a baseworks form with her hands and feet on the gorund and her pelvis lifted in the air.

Exploring Differing Base of Support

In this VS, we will pick up different forms/movements with differing Base of Support and look into how Baseworks utilizes the contact with the Base of Support to enhance stability and contribute to building strength.

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Baseworks Distributed Activation: the M1 on Fire

This article is about a common misconception that the brain contains a “motor map” of our muscles in the sense in which we normally understand when we think about maps (one-to-one representation). It further explains the term “distributed activation” in movement research and then compares it with the Baseworks Distributed Activation.

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Satoko Horie doing a side plank

Working With and Against Gravity

In this VS, we will bring awareness to how the gravitational force works on us and how to best move in relation to it. We will start by selecting specific forms/movements that work in relation to different gravitational pulls to familiarize ourselves with this idea. Based on this, we will explore…..

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Pursuit for Fluidity and Grace in Movement

In this VS, we dig into the concept of Connecting Strategy and uncover ways in which one can effectively and efficiently move better during one’s practice, both for the practice of Baseworks itself, as well as any other movement modalities.

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Satoko Horie sitting on the floor with her legs extended demonstrating a reclining Baseworks form

Strength Building Techniques

In this VS, we will highlight specific forms from the Baseworks Method that can be practiced on their own to contribute to one’s strength as well as protect your joints from potential injury.

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acupuncture model with needles in the meridians.

Self-Regulation Wake-Up Call

How one approaches a practice is a key to building a self-sufficient fallback tool to reset across any circumstance. The secret is to re-discover and develop the ability to tune in to what is appropriate across the randomness of life.

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Patrick Oancia walking beside student who is layinmg on the floor after learning something challenging. Both Patrick and the students are light heartedly laughing!

Dismantling the Archetypes

The image of what a proficient practice outcome looks like is often represented with an element of aesthetic awe. Getting to any level of maximum proficiency however is always preceded by a lot of micro ah-ha moments combined with a failure or two. And they are often taken for granted. The reality is that the

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Patrick Oancia teaching a student in a blue room.

Physical Limitations as Learning Advantages

A physical practice most often works toward developing stuff like strength, flexibility, joint mobility and coordination. When some or all of these things don’t get immediately dialed in, anyone can be left feeling deficient. And sadly, from outside, we look at someone’s superficial level proficiency in any of these things as credible. What we don’t

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