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In this 3-day intensive, the life-long athlete/movement educator/artist/entrepreneur Patrick Oancia teams up with the neuroscientist Asia Shcherbakova to invite you to rethink modern approach to wellness, health, and physical education from the perspective of Baseworks.

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Photograph of Asia Shcherbakova and the text title, The Biology of Body Awareness" on a tree lined street in Montreal Quebec. She is smiling with her hair up in a clip with a light blue cardigan jacket.

The Biology of Body Awareness with Asia Shcherbakova

Baseworks co-developer Asia Shcherbakova appeared on Matan Levkowich’s Material for The Brain podcast. In the conversation, they talked about body awareness, her recovery from epilepsy through dance, and how her background as a biologist affected how she approached it.

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Photo of Satoko Horie demonstrating a baseworks form with her hands and feet on the gorund and her pelvis lifted in the air.

Exploring Differing Base of Support

In this VS, we will pick up different forms/movements with differing Base of Support and look into how Baseworks utilizes the contact with the Base of Support to enhance stability and contribute to building strength.

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