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Baseworks Movement Principles: Toronto

In this 3-day intensive, the life-long athlete/movement educator/artist/entrepreneur Patrick Oancia teams up with the neuroscientist Asia Shcherbakova to invite you to rethink modern approach to wellness, health, and physical education from the perspective of Baseworks.

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Experience and Uncover the Baseworks Practice Applications: Nagoya

Baseworks Practice helps anyone to better feel and understand the body while building strength, flexibility, control over one’s movements. The intensive will be divided in four parts, offering an immersive experience combining theory-practice-application. It is open to all levels of movement enthusiasts including yoga practitioners.

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Transition to Elements Intensive: Tokyo (Mar 2020)

The Baseworks Practice Foundation module offers an excellent platform to develop strength, flexibility, motor control and contributes to increased body awareness. To build any skill, regularity and consistency of practice are vitally important. The Transition to Elements intensive provides an easy to understand support for those who have built familiarity with the Baseworks Practice Foundation

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NODAA is the Baseworks teaching framework. It’s a holistic approach, which looks at the whole system of the teacher-student interaction, involving the circumstances surrounding both the life of the teacher and the student. The framework presupposes that the teacher learns from the student as much as the student learns from the teacher.

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