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Physical Intelligence (PQ) is the ability to intuitively understand the body, be comfortable with it, read its sensory signals, know how to engage muscles, effortlessly maintain good posture and learn new movement skills. Physical Intelligence is an important concept in Baseworks because we consider it as one of the primary modalities that can be trained via the Baseworks Method, where outcomes such as improved strength, flexibility, and balance are considered as “by-products” of regular physical practice. This workshop will focus on the concept of Physical Intelligence as it relates to increasing healthspan and productivity, improving wellness and reducing stress. In addition to the theoretical frameworks, this 2-day workshop will introduce the key Baseworks principles and movement patterns that can be effectively used as tools to develop one’s physical intelligence.


The workshop is a combination of practice, theory, and interactive work, with a structure that maximizes learning and understanding through analytical comprehension and experimentation leading to insight and new skills. You will be introduced to:

  • Baseworks techniques of muscle co-activation and attention allocation that can be applied across common exercises to make them safer and effective in changing pre-existing movement habits
  • A simple movement approach to understand one’s physical limitations and experience steady incremental progress at any initial level of fitness
  • An approach to adapt physical exercises to fit your own unique condition to avoid compounded injuries or work with existing injuries and/or health conditions
  • Effective relaxation techniques to relieve muscular tension and compression in the joints
  • Tools to improve attention and awareness
  • The 3 types of body awareness framework, its relevance to mental and physical health
  • The concept of Physical intelligence
  • The topic of “how much of “conscious” movements and actions are actually unconscious,” how it impacts our wellbeing, our ability to learn and change behavioral and movement habits

We will use movements that are a part of the Foundation and Elements modules of the Baseworks Practice. You will be able to immediately start applying what you’ve learned in daily life and other physical activities. You will receive 1 month of complementary access to our hybrid learning platform, where you will be able to try regular Baseworks Practice Foundation and Elements modules to extend on what you’ve learned during this workshop and experience physical and perceptual changes that require repetition and practice to develop them.

Who is it for This 2-day workshop is intended for people regardless of athletic/physical background, who are motivated to to take proactive action to improve their wellbeing, productivity, creativity, and healthspan. Please wear clothing that is easy to move in. The practice will take place directly on the floor so if you prefer some cushioning, please bring your own exercise mat. Depending on the season/temperature, grip socks (ideally with 5 separate toes) are recommended if you feel that being barefoot might be too cold.


March 23, 2024 Sat (March 23) 10am – 3pm

Regular price – US$100 (+Tax if applicable)
Early bird price – US$80 USD (before Jan 23) (+Tax if applicable)



Please make sure to read the Refund policy and participation conditions.


Picture of Asia Shcherbakova

Asia Shcherbakova

Asia holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. She has been involved in projects related to the effects of stress on learning and memory, and alongside her research and development for Baseworks, she is now studying the pro-cognitive effects of medium-chain triglycerides. Her role as Baseworks co-developer is to map the method applications onto known neurobiological mechanisms to improve the method’s efficacy and “translate” the pioneering applications to map them back onto common categories in exercise physiology, other movement practices, and everyday life.

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Picture of Patrick Oancia

Patrick Oancia

Patrick founded BASEWORKS. His approach to mind-body health is inspired by adaptive learning, fitness, scientific research, and metaphysics of different traditions. His mission is to promote a sense of coexistence with the environment, refining self-awareness, autonomy, and intuition. He is an avid athlete and a constant explorer of many physical modalities. He comes from an active background as a musician, and pursues interests in writing and architecture as well as interior, system, community, and industrial design.

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