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Practice Session/Master Class


May 20, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022
Practice Session/Master Class

Baseworks Practice Sessions are considered a structured application of the Baseworks Approach

Each session is facilitated by Baseworks certified instructors with a particular focus on progressively building a deeper understanding of the Baseworks Key Movement Principles through repetition and analysis. 

Each Baseworks Practice Session works in synergy with the continuity of the practice on the Baseworks Practice Platform.

Elements Practice Sessions focus more on the concepts related to distributed strength, center of gravity transfer and the regulation of energy expenditure for a more sustainable practice. 

  • When: Conducted the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month from 9:45-11:15.
  • Location: Central Tokyo. 10 min walk from Meguro station / 17 min walk from Nakameguro station / 20 min walk from Daikanyama station
  • Booking: As the capacity of each session is limited, participation is through advanced booking only. Bookings close at 20:00 each Friday before the designated session.
  • Cost: Single Session- ¥3,000. 5 Sessions (two month validity)- ¥13,500.  4 Sessions (one month validity)- ¥10,000. All purchases can be used for both Foundation and Elements Practice sessions (payment via cash only).
  • Experience: The Elements Sessions make the most sense to those who already have experience practicing in the Baseworks Foundation Module. If your are new to the Baseworks Method, we recommend subscribing to our practice platform online to gain some experience in Foundation as a first step. The online practice platform is in-depth and works in close synergy with all formats in-person learning.  Alternately, go here to book for a Foundation Practice Session instead.  
  • Instructional Language: These sessions will be conducted in Japanese. WIth this being said, as the Baseworks Method has been developed with many visceral and visual cues, we do not discourage those who do not understand Japanese to attend. If you have not already checked it out,  we do recommend getting started  by subscribing to our practice platform online as it works in close synergy with all in-person learning. Our practice platform content can be subscribed to, in either or both, English and Japanese. 

For session booking, venue location, and inquiries, please fill out the form below. 

Shinobu Elements RSVP
What is your experience with the Baseworks Method?

As you do not have any experience in the Baseworks Method, please start with a FOUNDATION Session. In order to differentiate Baseworks from other movement and fitness practices, Foundation Sessions are the most productive place to start. 

You can either start your practice in the Method on our extensive online practice platform.



How did you originally hear about the Baseworks Method?
What would you like to achieve from the practice?
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Shinobu Nakano
BASEWORKS Practice Certified Teacher | BT3 Shinobu is a BASEWORKS Practice Tier 3 Certified Teacher (BT3). Shinobu comes from a background in fashion, also holding a license in accounting. She dedicated over 10 years to the study of Baseworks Practice and is a senior teacher. Despite never really liking exercise or sport, she has felt that movement practice in relation to her experience practicing and teaching has greatly shifted her understanding of how regular practice can stimulate all aspects of learning for anyone.

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