photo of Ryan Hurst smiling in a BJJ kimono

In this episode Patrick Oancia talks with Ryan about his immersion into Gymnastics in Wichita, Kansas from a young age through to decades as devoted martial artists and expat in Japan.

Yuval Ayalon smiling in a portrait on a black background

This Reflection looks at Yuval’s journey from competitive gymnastics to contemplative handstand practice and discusses the concept of foundation in physical skill development. It also talks about the tendency of well-learned skills to escape our awareness.

acupuncture model with needles in the meridians.

How one approaches a practice is a key to building a self-sufficient fallback tool to reset across any circumstance. The secret is to re-discover and develop the ability to tune in to what is appropriate across the randomness of life.

In this conversation Patrick Oancia chats with Yuval Ayalon about his transition from being a kid swinging on trees, right through to being a competitive gymnast and then thereafter becoming a performance artist and finally ending up…….

Although we are obviously consciously aware of the position of our body parts in space, it is often assumed that >>