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Why you may want to commit

I see more and more people these days who jump from one thing to another without giving anything a more augmented try. It’s no surprise, given the plethora of choices and limited time. The irony is the more sensational or readily appealing and available something is, the faster people tend to both go for it, and before long, opt-out…..

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Photo of the inside of the Panasonic design studio in Tokyo Japan. In the photo, there is a large projection on the wall with a workstation in front with computers and directional cameras for motion tracking situated around. the studio for the purpose of motion capture. On the screen is a projection of Asia Shcherbakova during the prototype phase of the project performing movements specific to the project.

Panasonic Motion Tracking & Emotion Visualizer

We were invited to participate in a project to design an experience-based demonstration to showcase a combination of two Panasonic technologies: one which evaluates emotional strain based on the reading of the face and the other which evaluates mechanical strain based on a computerized analysis of movement biomechanics.

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Movement is Transformation

Find creative ways in bringing movement into your life by starting one step at a time. Moving the body not only transforms our physical condition, but also our state of mind for a more mindful awareness in our lives, that in turn enhance our overall productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

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