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Asia Shcherbakova sitting in a baseworks form on the floor teaching a group of students

Preconceptions in Movement Goal Setting

In this VS, we will first look at the “movement goal preconceptions” that we hold about daily movements. We will also discuss how these preconceptions may set us up for chronic injuries or prevent effective relearning.

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Pursuit for Fluidity and Grace in Movement

In this VS, we dig into the concept of Connecting Strategy and uncover ways in which one can effectively and efficiently move better during one’s practice, both for the practice of Baseworks itself, as well as any other movement modalities.

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Yuval Ayalon: On Playing, Training & Challenge

In this conversation Patrick Oancia chats with Yuval Ayalon about his transition from being a kid swinging on trees, right through to being a competitive gymnast and then thereafter becoming a performance artist and finally ending up…….

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Conducted every month, the 2nd and 4th Saturday mornings from 9:45-11:15 until July 3. Each session is facilitated by Baseworks certified instructors with a particular focus on progressively building a deeper understanding of the Baseworks Key Movement Principles through repetition and analysis.

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Photo of Satoko Horie with workshop information for Practice Modification Techniques: Working with Hamstrings

Practice Modification Techniques: Working with Hamstrings

One of the key ways in which we approach the practice in Baseworks, is to modify one’s intensity of the practice based on either the physical limitation one has, or based on the condition of the day. In this VS, we will specifically focus on how to work with tightness in the hamstrings and explore

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Photo of Asia Shcherbakova with details for GRAVITY & SYMMETRY for better body awareness and control

Gravity and Symmetry for better body awareness and control

In Baseworks, we are intentionally defining the goals of movements in a way which does not match how movement goals are habitually set by our motor system on a day-to-day basis. Breaking habitual movement patterns allows us to inspect the unconscious influences on our movements, build better body awareness and control. This VS will focus

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Photo of Patrick Oancia with info about this event: Debunking the mythology of CORE strength

Debunking the mythology of core strength

The entire health, fitness and wellness industry is fixated on CORE strength development as the key to athletic progress. Often, the emphasis is either the abdominal sheath and or pelvic floor. Yet understanding the relationship that all the muscles, tendons ligaments and cartilage have on stabilizing and mobilizing all the major joint complexes opens the

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