Baseworks Fundamentals: Bucaramanga

Colombia - Bucaramanga
March 9-10, 2024

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Workshop Description

Join us for an immersive, 2-day workshop centered around the Baseworks Method. This is a unique opportunity to explore an innovative approach to movement and body awareness. The program is designed for anyone interested in movement practices, dance, yoga, sustaining health, and optimizing physical and mental capacities. 

This workshop will cover two core components: the Baseworks Movement Principles and the Fundamental Movement Vocabulary. These two modules together will provide a comprehensive, practical, and theoretical understanding of how our brains control our bodies and how we can enhance the control we have over our movements. A unique feature of the Baseworks Method is the emphasis it places on neuroplasticity, bringing about a positive change in body awareness.

Day 1: Orientation and Baseworks Movement Principles

Expect an immersive introduction to the Baseworks Method during the first day, exploring its five intrinsic Movement Principles: Distributed Activation, Micromovements, Gridlines & Symmetry, Fixing-Separating-Isolating, and Intensity Modification. 

  • Distributed Activation will invite you to explore how to leverage your entire body, consciously engaging the full range of muscles in any movement.
  • Micromovements will allow you to fine-tune your senses, focusing on the nuances of subtler changes in physical performance. 
  • You’ll also explore Gridlines and Symmetry to introduce a more structured understanding of space.
  • Fixing-Separating-Isolating will challenge your understanding of the control mechanisms of motion. 
  • Intensity Modification will teach you to adjust your practice approach to accommodate your body’s condition, irrespective of your physical abilities. 

Day 2: Fundamental Movement Vocabulary and Adaptation

Day two will expand upon the principles introduced on the first day. 

  • It will explore Fundamental Movement Vocabulary through a captivating journey of breaking down complex movements into their foundational building blocks. By learning how to segment and control these basic actions, you will gain a more intimate understanding of your daily movements and how to adapt and optimize them for better health and learning.
  • It will also explore the empowering concept of Adaptation as a tool for practicing smarter. This dynamic approach affords you to perform actions that suit your body’s immediate unique condition, equipping you with a toolbox of adaptable skills to match any circumstances, both in physical practice and daily life.

Throughout the workshop, the Baseworks Method’s applications will act as a catalyst for neuroplasticity, awakening your sensitivity to sensory signals and setting more strategic spatial goals. This is more than just a new movement experience – it’s an education in science-based understanding of your body, providing a valuable shift away from our habitual movement and thinking patterns.

This workshop is a chance to work directly with the Baseworks developers to tap deeper into your potential, offering transformative insights of informed movement that extend far beyond the two days of immersion.

Who is it for
This 2-day workshop is intended for people, regardless of athletic/physical background, who are motivated to take proactive action to improve their body awareness, understanding, and control of body movement, well-being, and healthspan.

Please wear clothing that is easy to move in. The practice will take place directly on the floor so if you prefer some cushioning, please bring your own exercise mat.
Depending on the season/temperature, grip socks (ideally with 5 separate toes) are recommended if you feel that being barefoot might be too cold.

March 9-10, 2024
Sat (March 9) 8 am – 12pm
Sun (March 10) 8 am – 12pm

Regular price – US$75 (+Tax if applicable)
Early bird price – US$65 USD (before February 15) (+Tax if applicable)

This event will be conducted in English, with professional Spanish interpretation.

This workshop collaboration is supported by Mukti Espacio Vivo and Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga UNAB (Autonomous University of Bucaramanga).


Please make sure to read the Refund policy and participation conditions prior to booking this event. Prices are set in USD but may be converted to your local currency at checkout.

Av. 42 #48 – 11, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia


Picture of Asia Shcherbakova

Asia Shcherbakova

Asia holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. She has been involved in projects related to the effects of stress on learning and memory, and alongside her research and development for Baseworks, she is now studying the pro-cognitive effects of medium-chain triglycerides. As Baseworks partner and co-developer her mission is to map the method applications onto known neurobiological mechanisms to improve the method’s efficacy and “translate” the pioneering applications, charting them back onto common categories in exercise physiology, other movement practices, and everyday life.

full bio
Picture of Patrick Oancia

Patrick Oancia

Patrick comes from a background as a competitive athlete and musician. In 2003, he founded the Tokyo studios, JayaDojo and YogaJaya, gaining recognition for the diverse programming offered over 2 decades to thousands of students. He developed the Baseworks Method, combining continuous learning with standardized teaching in movement & perception education. His approach as an educator integrates physical training with creative and intellectual skill building based on intuition and adaptability. He conducts global seminars and collaborations to advance movement education & effective development, leveraging technology for broader educational access and idea sharing.

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