When Hips Lie About Symmetry

Asia Shcherbakova

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Evolution wired human brains for: (1) survival, (2) tool-making/manipulation, (3) efficiency to avoid perceptual bottleneck.

As a result, we are typically very good at knowing where our head is (so that we do not hit this very important part against something) and where our hands are (so that we can manipulate objects efficiently), but the rest of the body, especially the trunk, just follows the head and the hands, running on complex hierarchies of reflexes and muscle synergies, and we have little awareness of what our trunk is doing.

However, the position of the pelvis in static movements (standing, sitting) and dynamic movements (walking, running) can affect posture, performance, energy levels, and muscle tension in your upper body. Inability to feel, understand, and control the position of the pelvis can impair your ability to learn new movements and perform movements safely.

In this VS we will be working with Baseworks ISOLATE and TRANSIT foci (plural for “focus”) to learn to better sense and control the position and movement of the pelvis. In this VS, you may discover that it may be difficult, at first, to assess the position of your pelvis from proprioceptive input alone, and that you may be significantly misjudging what your pelvis is doing, especially in asymmetrical movements.

This VS may give you some insight on some of your suboptimal daily movement patterns, sources of fatigue and areas with lack of control which may be limiting your ability to learn new movements.

This VS will be approximately 20% theory and 80% practice.

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May 25, 2022: 14:00-15:30 EST (Eastern Standard Time)

What are virtual Sessions?

Virtual Sessions are a “live” educational format offered on the Baseworks Practice Platform.

Whereas the Online Practice Sessions are designed to provide the opportunity to develop your practice through repetition, the Virtual Sessions are designed to provide real-time feedback and insight, which can then be re-applied during the Online Practice Sessions.

The level of interactivity in the Virtual Sessions is dependent on the interest/involvement of the participants and may vary from session to session.

Each virtual session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.




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