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Movement and Self Care: Bucaramanga

The lecture will emphasize the significance of various types of body awareness and control in the management of stress, injury prevention, alteration of habits, emotional regulation, self-understanding, and prolonging and squaring the health span curve.

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Facilitating Autonomy: Bucaramanga

This lecture is for those interested in making informed decisions about their health and well-being. It covers topics such as understanding and managing one’s physical health and mental state, as well as developing improved perceptual abilities for enhanced

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Mastering movement in music: Bucaramanga

This two-day workshop is designed for musicians who are open to employing unconventional learning strategies to deepen their understanding of how technical skills mesh with physical body conditioning and the expressive aspects of performance.

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Baseworks Fundamentals: Bucaramanga

This is a unique opportunity to explore an innovative approach to movement and body awareness. The program is designed for anyone interested in movement practices, dance, yoga, sustaining health, and optimizing physical and mental capacities

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Photo of a baseworks student and teacher participating in a workshop inside a bright studio with big windows.

Physical Intelligence: Ottawa

This workshop will focus on the concept of Physical Intelligence as it relates to increasing healthspan and productivity. In addition to the theoretical frameworks, the workshop will introduce the key Baseworks principles and movement patterns that can be.

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Photo of baseworks students participating in a workshop inside a bright studio with big windows.

Foundation: Montreal

In this workshop, we will focus on the movements and movement patterns introduced in the Baseworks Practice Foundation Module. It is an excellent all-in-one movement package that opens a doorway to understanding one’s body, its fundamental movement dynamics, structural and psychological limitations.

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Photo of a baseworks teacher leading a workshop inside a big studio with lots of students behind her.

Movement Principles: Toronto

This 3-day intensive is designed to introduce participants to innovative ways of thinking about health, vitality, and physical education through the lens of the Baseworks Method. Participants will be introduced to the Basework key concepts

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